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You’ve Got the Wrong Guy: On Paul Ford’s “What Is Code?”

If you Twitter follow some of the more active scholars and writers focused on computers-and-writing, rhetoric, and/or the digital humanities, you’ve probably seen plenty of tweets and retweets with links to Paul Ford’s incredible web text: “What Is Code?” And if you’ve followed any of those links, and if you’re like me, you arrived at his text, started reading, and reading, and reading… Then, again if you’re like me, you…


Brainstorming Post Ideas for New Media Scholar with MindNode

I’ve always had a fondness for mind-mapping apps. I’ve tried all kinds (MindNote, MindManager, and FreeMind being some of my past favorites. However, for the last eighteen months or so I’ve developed a real fondness for MindNode (formerly MindNode Pro). This isn’t going to be a review of MindNode, but I hope I can find the time to do one of those in the future. Instead, I just wanted to…


Preliminary Thoughts Before Reading “S”

I am about to get way more interested in marginalia than I should. My friend Ames and I are embarking on a project where we are co-reading and co-recording our readings/reflections/insights into a fascinating book by J. J. Abrams and Doug Dorst called, simply, “S.” More and that project later. For now, I’m doing some of the background reading in preparation for that project. The most obvious conceit of the…


Get Ready for Computers and Writing with KairosCast

I know I just posted last month’s episode of KairosCast, but I have to post this one immediately, as it’s full of incredibly helpful advice and discussion about attending conferences, with some special attention paid to this week’s Computers and Writing conference in Menomonie, WI. (Alas, I cannot make it this year. Sad face. But I hope you all have a great time!) So here’s the episode. If you like…


Talking Digital Storytelling with Ames, Harley, and Courtney (on KairosCast)

First, thanks to these folks: Harley Ferris. Courtney Danforth. Ames Hawkins. I recently had the honor of helping out my friends Harley Ferris and Courtney Danforth with a recent KairosCast episode (No. 5) about digital storytelling. What a blast. Ames and I are always looking for feedback or ideas about our class, so if you have any thoughts, suggestions, or resources to share, we would love to hear about them….


Not exactly stuck in Spartanburg; Sort of loving it.

So I’m in Spartanburg, South Carolina to give a talk about digital writing assignments in a variety of Humanities classrooms. I’m not exactly stuck, though. Wofford is a picturesque little campus just greening itself from nine straight days of at least some rain. I’m not really used to this sort of weather. It can be pouring rain, and five minutes later intense sunshine finds itself a small envelope. Then the…

photo credit: "IMG_4112" by Jérôme Choain via Flickr (https://www.flickr.com/photos/jcfrog/4413440167/in/photolist-7J12ZZ-7J4Zeu-7J13dR-7J13Qg-7J4XUJ-5ywoqA-dWb26-5QqXZ-q9v8pa-ejYozd-5ZEy3v-qrDUdc-34Ydj3-69kvVh-a61Npw-9rkZ6i-dLkpKN-99wAh3-fZxq6d-qMhLWj-kvg5rp-bRvKRp-e3o9dz-imvLbg-nnVGti-dWM4qm-nRwdqx-iJ2PqA-dWxsnY-dZJedd-cuDod3-jNuAm2-gtLMxY-jX32gc-oht8C8-aL2rLD-fAt589-i75eTr-nRdAx4-e5vfjW-aTq6i8-5QqY5-5QqXQ-6PzVie-cXoPf-dped8F-3hzC9c-5teJUh-cmWAAu-k4YqcP)

My Quest for My Perfect Set of Writing Tools

I like systems. I like consistency. I like workflows and patterns. Most of the time I tell myself that these distractions are in the service of efficiency. But that’s some seriously flawed logic. I’m quite sure that I waste more time than I save taking a break from being productive in order to search for way to be more efficient. Yes, I’ve heard the Abraham Lincoln story. “If I had…

photo credit: "d.i.g.i.t.a.l." by Don Buciak II via Flickr (https://www.flickr.com/photos/donbuciak/4054501034/in/photolist-7bhnUf-5X68AA-jti4pE-3hayo4-bWiHA-5LZxjg-5M4Kw9-8xh2aA-6xLEWf-4hbZPE-fsK7Do-4b5vtj-dtcKTN-9Qwo72-aKpcvt-aP5Vqv-Y2ucn-5quYNR-594RuG-B5jZC-49oRXk-7r5fxS-6YHafE-iuexJ-omhzdu-o4ZN56-6mj2z2-44fshP-oofpvV-9uqDnN-6Y3hu6-9cey6F-8yQtot-6jdtBL-P7M1D-73Hcrx-44fshx-pcMWDT-51A4Jj-2FCax-5XDpSu-44fshg-5Msngx-44fsh6-35FUe6-9NCmFo-6zFRdn-dTT63J-8DzmuW-48Rhzz)

General Reflections on Digital Writing Instructional Technologies

I believe in imperfect teaching–that as an instructor I should embrace experimentation and risk. As a writing teacher it is necessary to acknowledge that audiences, rhetorical situations, and writing practices and technologies are constantly evolving. Traditional models representing the circulation and reception of print documents within a relatively limited communications environment are increasingly out of touch with networked social and global audiences. Twenty-first century texts integrate and dismiss emerging technologies…

photo credit: "fifteen-weeks" by Ryan Trauman via Flickr (https://www.flickr.com/photos/ryantrauman/16670265007/)

What Good Can We Do In Fifteen Weeks?

As a writing instructor, one of the most challenging aspects of teaching is the limited amount of time I have to spend with my students over the course of the semester. Writing is an incredibly complicated set of practices which takes years of instruction, experimentation, and reflection before a person gains competency to write effectively in a variety of situations. As writers, our students often inhabit a transitional space, moving…