An Apology for Audio Assignments in First-Year Writing Classrooms

This afternoon, my friend and colleague Harley Ferris and I facilitated what’s known within the University of Louisville’s Rhetoric and Composition program as a “pedagogy workshop.”

In this workshop, we presented an example assignment tailored specifically for First Year writing classes while discussing issues related to: the efficacy of audio assignments in first-year writing classrooms; how those assignments might be tailored to address specific course outcomes; how those assignments can be framed as highly rhetorical exercises; strategies for making the necessary resources available to students; possibilities for sharing/circulating/publishing audio assignments; and potential pitfalls for audio assignments in the writing classroom. And of course, we also spent some time at the end for Q&A. We also provided a handout with an example assignment, which I’ve also embedded below. And alternative discussion of the audio assignment can be found here (“Incorporating and Audio Assignment into Your Classroom“) at the Scholar Electric blog.

It was a lot of fun. The topic we focused on was audio assignments in the composition classroom. Below, I’ve embedded the presentation slides, and below that, the audio for our presentation. The workshop is almost 75 minutes, so if you want to know the general topics we covered, you can rifle through the slides to get the general idea. [For the sake of accessibility, longevity, and inevitable obsolescence, I’ve included links directly to the raw files if you’d prefer them: slides / audio /assignment description]

Pedagogy Workshop Audio Assignment PSA