Mac Apps

Audio Production/Editing

Photo Production/Editing

  • GIMP (detailed info not yet available)

Things – My task manager. Beautiful and simple to use. Syncs across my iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Lost without it. (OS X, 49.99; iPad, 19.99; iPhone, 9.99; Windows, n/a)(#iUseThis)


Scrivener – Amazing writing studio for conceptualizing, organizing, and writing large, complex documents. (Read: dissertations, theses, books, articles, digital texts, etc.) Bit of a learning curve, but worth every bit. (OS X, 44.99; iPad, n/a; iPhone, n/a; Windows, 40.00)(#iUseThis)

Reeder – My RSS feed reader. Fast, efficient app for tracking all the sites you want to follow. Simple organization. Excellent Google Reader integration. Syncs across my iPhone, iPad, and Mac. (OS X, 4.99; iPad, 4.99; iPhone, 2.99; Windows, n/a)(#iUseThis)

Coda – For writing, editing, coding almost anything headed for the web. Swiss army knife for producing/maintaining digital texts. Single interface integrates: text editor, terminal, css, files, clips, auto-correction for text editing and coding. (OS X, 74.99; iPad, 19.95 (limited functionality; iPhone, n/a; Windows, n/a)(#iUseThis)

TextMate – Text editor. Simple to use. Opens fast. Customizable color schemes and themes. Excellent html and markdown integration. (OS X, 50.00; iPad, n/a; iPhone, n/a; Windows, n/a)(#iUseThis)

iAnnotate – PDF editor/reader. Highlight text. Insert written or audio comments. Create bookmarks. Each editing artifact (note, highlight, bookmark, etc) is exportable and part of an incredible system for navigating a document. Dropbox integration is superb. Dead-simple iTunes integration, too. I would buy an iPad, even if this were the only app I could install on it. It’s that amazing. iPad only. (OS X, n/a; iPad, 9.99; iPhone, n/a; Windows, n/a)(#iUseThis)

Xmarks – Syncs bookmarks across all your browsers and machines/devices automatically. Also makes them accessible on public computers by accessing Xmarks’s site via browser. (Free, unless you want to use it with your mobile device, which requires $12 annual premium subscription.)(#iUseThis)

Zotero – Citation management software. I use the browser version of this software. Oddly enough, I love the integration. Want to learn more about the stand alone version for OS X and Windows, as well as Zotpad for iPad integration. (OS X, free; iPad/iPhone, 9.99 (ZotPad); Windows, free)(#iUseThis)

[generic entry]  App – Description. Selling point. Selling point. Syncs across my iPhone, iPad, and Mac. (OS X, 4.99; iPad, 4.99; iPhone, 2.99; Windows, n/a)(#iUseThis)