Windows Apps

Writing, Text Editing

  • Scrivener – Amazing writing studio for conceptualizing, organizing, and writing large, complex documents. (Read: dissertations, theses, books, articles, digital texts, etc.) Bit of a learning curve, but worth every bit. (OS X, 44.99; iPad, n/a; iPhone, n/a; Windows, 40.00)(links: “Does Scrivener for Windows Cut it?“) (#iUseThis)
  • FocusWriter
  • Ommwriter
  • Writer

Audio Production/Editing

Photo Production/Editing

  • GIMP (detailed info not yet available)
  • (web editor, but very easy to use; very powerful)
  • (another web editor, not quite a powerful or simple as Aviary, but beautiful, and has some integration with other Adobe products.)

Video Production/Editing

  • (links on the way)


  • Xmarks – Syncs bookmarks across all your browsers and machines/devices automatically. Also makes them accessible on public computers by accessing Xmarks’s site via browser. (Free, unless you want to use it with your mobile device, which requires $12 annual premium subscription.)(#iUseThis)
  • Zotero – Citation management software. I use the browser version of this software. Oddly enough, I love the integration. Want to learn more about the stand alone version for OS X and Windows, as well as Zotpad for iPad integration. (OS X, free; iPad/iPhone, 9.99 (ZotPad); Windows, free)(#iUseThis)

[generic entry]  App – Description. Selling point. Selling point. Syncs across my iPhone, iPad, and Mac. (OS X, 4.99; iPad, 4.99; iPhone, 2.99; Windows, n/a)