Brainstorming Post Ideas for New Media Scholar with MindNode

Screen Shot 2015-06-07 at 7.15.33 PMI’ve always had a fondness for mind-mapping apps. I’ve tried all kinds (MindNote, MindManager, and FreeMind being some of my past favorites. However, for the last eighteen months or so I’ve developed a real fondness for MindNode (formerly MindNode Pro). This isn’t going to be a review of MindNode, but I hope I can find the time to do one of those in the future. Instead, I just wanted to simply demonstrate one of my favorite features of the app. For the record, MindNode only works with Mac and iOS operating systems, so Windows users are out of luck. That said, I am able to edit my  idea maps on my iPhone, iPad, or Macbook Pro. When I save on one machine, it’s updated on all my machines. I can accomplish this functionality using Dropbox or iCloud. At the moment, I’m testing them both to see if there’s much of a difference. I can’t tell them apart at the moment, all though file accessibility is a little easier through Dropbox. But I digress. Seamless syncing and cross-hardware compatibility are pretty great, but I just discovered that I can publish any of my idea maps to the web (using MindNode’s free MyMindnode service) and then embed them on a web page. Woot!

And because I just happened to be using MindNode to put together a content-re-planning document for New Media Scholar, I thought I’d embed it here so that I could see just how well it works. And so that you could, too. Here goes…

Well, shit. I just spent the last 90 minutes trying to figure out why the iframe embed code supplied via MindNode isn’t working. And now I’m giving up. Phooey.

Regardless, if you’ve read this far, you probably want SOMETHING for your efforts. This is all I can offer: a link to the HTML page where the idea map resides.

My apologies, but I didn’t want to have NOTHING to show for my efforts tonight. Look for something more substantial–and successful–in a few days.

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