One of My Favorite Assignments: “Remixing 1984”
February 15, 2015

(Note: I recently completed a set of materials for an award nomination packet. This post is part of those materials.) Prompt Question: “What is your favorite lesson plan or assignment, and why? Please describe the assignment in answering this question.” It’s difficult to say that I have a favorite assignment. It would be more apt to say that each of my assignments operates differently from one semester to another, depending…


Copyright, IP, and Creative Commons Resources
December 6, 2014

Contents for this Page Understanding Copyright Finding Creative Commons Materials General Sources Where to Find Creative Commons Video Where to Find Creative Commons Music Where to Find Creative Commons Images Where to Find Creative Commons Sounds and Sound Effects Where to Find Creative Commons Books Citing and Documenting Creative Commons Materials Articles and News Related to Copyright, IP, and CC Materials Organizations and Resource Sets Related to Copyright, IP, and CC Materials Copyright, IP, and Creative Commons…


Audio Interview as Writing Assignment
April 19, 2014

I recently gave a talk on presentation on incorporating an audio interview as a writing assignment into my first-year writing classroom. I’ve decided to make a bunch of the resources available to anyone who might not have attended, but are still interested. Below, I’m including a video of the talk, audio of the talk, the slideshow itself, a description of the assignment, and a few embedded student examples. Please feel…


“Seeing Her Right Back” – a flash fiction digital story

I’m still working to keep this summer’s storytelling moment. This week, I contributed this story to the “BackStory” project from the Center for Digital Storytelling. I’m also still experimenting with circulation across multiple platforms. Below are embeds from my four primary services at the moment: YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud, Cowbird. (I’ve also decided that Flickr will be my primary source for sharing images.) Seeing Her Right Back from Trauman on Vimeo.

July 28, 2013