Creeping Featurism

I produced this little video as one of my daily reflections for a graduate seminar in digital media production. (w/Debra Journet, Summer 2007, University of Louisville). It was my first attempt at making some sort of a scholarly argument, albeit modest, with multimedia capture and editing tools.

Debra’s idea for the course was that we should learn about producing multimedia texts by producing them. And each day, after class, we reflected on what we learned about the tech and texts. Important, but not novel. What really made the class important, was that that we had to produce those reflections with the digital tools about which we were learning. Such a great idea.

The video below is obviously an argument for simplicity in teaching new media production. And as you can probably tell, this was one of the first days we were learning about video production. I look back on this vid, and I sort of cringe. But really, I’m fine with it. I’m not embarrassed that I, too, was once a rookie with these tools.

As a result of this class, Debra and three of her grad students (including me) produced a digital text (“Digital Mirrors: Multimodal Reflection in the Composition Classroom“) published by Computers and Composition Online. The video quality isn’t the greatest, so I’ve since re-exported the video to a much higher resolution. You can view it here.

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