Exported, Navigable Version of My C&W 2009 Presentation

MM Export ImageI mentioned in my last entry that I would make available the exported, portable, and navigable (no, not citable, though) of my presentation from this last week. It’s not all that user-friendly, actually, because readers have to use the scroll bars to move around the map, but I do like the layout, interactivity, and general polish possible with this software. It’s also totally customizable. You can use your own fills for map backgrounds and for top backgrounds. You can customize fills, manipulate fonts and sizes, adjust layout patterns, or borrow-modify-save existing templates. Here’s the file. It should open just fine in Acrobat Reader. Please let me know if you can’t open it.

Just for good measure, I wanted to see what it would look like if I exported as a PowerPoint. Although it’s incredibly boring in this exported state, it would l probably be a good place to start as you could manipulate each slide as you see fit for a more engaging presentation. Here’s that file, too.

I’m gonna decompress tomorrow, after a truly exhausting three weeks at DMAC and C&W. Sorta nest a little bit here in Louisville. I get to see my dog, Rilke, again. I get to mow the lawn (a jungle after three weeks). And I’ll probably be on the slaughtered end of a softball match tomorrow night. Regardless, the night will end with a drink with friends-not-seen for a while. And I’ll wake up fresh, ready to get back to work on the dissertation and other projects.

I’d love any feedback about your own experiences with different presentation software, or even MindManager. I’ll reply ASAP. Best…