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Read and Respond: “Write for the Web” and “Don’t Make Me Think


Download and Read: Don’t Make Me Think (chapters 1-4) and “Write for the Web” from the Yahoo Style Guide.

First part of this response: In your own words write a sentence or two explaining the following main points discussed in the the two readings:


  1. “Shape your text for online reading.”
  2. “Get to the point.”
  3. “Make the text easy to scan.”
  4. “Help people navigate.”
  5. “We don’t read pages. We scan them.”
  6. “We don’t make optimal choices. We satisfice.”
  7. “We don’t figure out how things work. We muddle through.”
  8. “Conventions are your friends.”
  9. “Create effective visual hierarchies.”
  10. “Break up pages into clearly defined areas.”
  11. “Make it obvious what’s clickable.
  12. “Keep the noise down to a dull roar.”


Respond to the following prompt…


According to Wikipedia, the following are the six most visited English-language websites in the world:



Poke around a bit to see what it’s like to use these sites. Evaluate one of these six sites using two of the main points above. (Write at least 100 words for each criteria.)


Then evaluate another of the six sites using two different main points that what you used to evaluate the first site. (Again, write at least 100 words for each criteria.)


Also, as you’re writing up this assignment, you need to include at least one screenshot for each site as you are using it. You will use those screenshots to illustrate the evaluations you make. (If you have any questions about how to take a screenshot or include it as an image in your blog post, please see this resource page.)


Due: Posted to your own course WordPress site, no later than 12:30pm, DATE.


Please let me know if you have any questions.


NOTE: If you miss the submission deadline, please email your assignment to me ( You can attach your assignment as a .doc, .docx, .rtf, .txt, .pdf, .odt, or .pages file. Or you can share a link to a Google Docs or Dropbox file, as long as the files aren’t password protected or marked as “private.”  Assignments submitted after the deadline will earn reduced credit.




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Grade: Maximum Points: 10