Getting Some Momentum Back. Finally.

Ahhh. For at least a few days now, the writer’s block has been absent. Hopefully, I can keep this momentum.
A few items I want to share:

  • I’ve set a goal for myself: 1000 words every day. Indefinitely. They don’t all have to be related directly to the dissertation, but at least some of them do. And revision doesn’t count. Some will be blog posts here. Some will be posts to my other blog.
  • To keep a public record of my daily pace, I’ve adopted a tool that you’ll be seeing in the sidebar. It’s a plug-in (Tally Graph), that tracks all sorts of different avenues of progress. It’s really hard to use, and not particularly attractive, but I couldn’t find anything better. If anyone out there has any ideas, I’m all ears.
  • And, for the first time in my life, I’m trying to keep a writing schedule to keep me on track with at least some momentum. That means:

8:00 – Gym
10:00-11:00 – Brunch, email, status updates, rest
11:00-3:00 – Dissertation work: some reading, mostly writing
3:00 – Bike Ride
5:00 – Dinner, email, status updates, rest
6:00 – academic projects, blog entries, television, movies, friends

  • Debra Journet is amazing. Very, very supportive with the ways I’ve been struggling. Support that helps me get past or fix the struggles. I can’t thank her enough.
  • Thank you, Robert Boice. I’m reading your book on professors as writers (and writer’s block), and it has been enormously helpful getting me thinking clearly about why I’m having trouble lately. In a way that I wasn’t able to get at for myself.
  • Don’t expect this much output everyday. Like I said, this work is supposed to be for the dissertation. If it ends up on the blog, that’s all the better.
  • Today’s Word Production: 1454

(photo credit: eleanza. some rights reserved. see creative commons license for details.

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