Google hits a little, tiny home run with “Search Stories Video Creator”

I just ran across this great little tool on Google. Obviously, it’s limited. But it’s new. And shiny. And fast. I ran across this tool about 15 minutes ago. My story is now on my blog. Awesome. Watch.

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  1. Wow. This is going to rival my Gameboy Advance for the “most likely to distract me from grading” award. Thanks for sharing.

    (Good meeting you in Louisville, btw. I’m Kate’s bearded friend. Bearded people ought to have friends.)

  2. Yeah, it was nice meeting you, too, Kyle. And thanks for the note. I agree with the distraction factor. I probably spent two hours with the new tech before I was finally ready to admit the lack of depth it affords. I do love the immediate-access to digital, multimodal comp that it encourages, though. See you around!

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