University of Cincinnati Digital Storytelling Workshop: Installing Premiere Elements on your Machine

Just a quick note about the the upcoming workshop. We’ll begin with a brief discussion of a few different perspectives on what digital storytelling is. Then we’ll cover a few general narrative concepts often associated with digital storytelling and how Premiere Elements can help produce texts which employ those techniques. Most of the conceptual material that we’ll be covering isn’t specific to Premiere Elements. Even if you find that you’re not ready to embrace this particular software, there should be plenty of conceptual material related to narrative theory, as well as digital storytelling tools, to make your attendance worth it.

For the workshop, we’ll be using Adobe’s Premiere Elements video editing software. You’ll have to install the software on your machine prior to the workshop. You can download a free trial version of the software, which will allow you to use and evaluate the product, free of charge, for thirty days. I’ve provided a list of links below to help you prepare for the workshop. Really, the only thing you need to do is download/install the software onto your laptop, and bring it with you to the workshop. (And no, it shouldn’t matter whether you’re on a Windows machine or Mac. The interfaces are virtually identical.)

Adobe product page for Premiere Elements.
Download your free trial here.

And if you’re one of those students who likes to work ahead, check out these links to get a better sense for what Premiere Elements is and can do.

Here’s a video from introducing their course to Premiere Elements:


View this entire Premiere Elements course and more in the Online Training Library®.

And here’s another video from giving an excellent overview of what Premiere Elements can do.

What is Premiere Elements 9?

View this entire Premiere Elements course and more in the Online Training Library®.

And here’s a video directly from Adobe highlighting some of the best features of Premiere Elements.


I look forward to meeting all of you on Thursday!



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