Make Magazine Entreaties Cisco to Open Source The Flip

I wish I had written this, but it’s from a great post over at Makezine (of Make Magazine fame). Please go visit their site; it’s wonderful. I’ve included a preview below:

The Flip and cameras like it are cheap and attracted lots of hacks. From underwater ROVs to my favorite, mounting them on model rockets. Rocket-Launched Camcorder, MAKE 07.

But now it’s all gone? What a waste, Cisco, will you at least consider open sourcing the camera design(s) so you can put some value back in before you shelve the camera IP? You’re never going to do anything with it, just have someone post the firmware on GitHub and all the CAD stuff on Thingiverse. The rest, just publish anywhere, a BOM, etc. Allow your engineers to write about making these cameras – don’t let it all away like so many other tech acquisitions and destructions. Think of all the science, art, robotics and educational applications we could all gain by this – Cisco, you could be the first to release an open source camera for the world. Cisco, this would the best news in the world of making, it would show leadership and an investment in the future for anyone who used, hacked and improved this “open source camera” from Cisco. You don’t have time for this you can just send us the files, we’ll do it for you.

via Make: Online | RIP Flip Camera: Hey Cisco Open Source The Camera.

Snarky. And charming. The perfect DIY tone. I love you, Make Magazine!

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