My (New) Welcome Video

I’ve decided to start trying to incorporate more self-created video elements to my blog. I start today by producing a short “Welcome to Writing Material” video. Here it is…

I’d love any feedback you might like to offer. I’m thinking of this as part of the way I represent myself professionally, and I see this video as a draft I’ll leave up here until later in the summer when I’ll get a little more dressed up and re-produce a revision of this piece. What do you think I should include or not include as part of the text?

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  1. I like the video post, Trauman. Nice ethos in that it’s not too stuffy or contrived; you come across naturally, but professionally. I wonder if some job market types viewing the video at interview time would want additional connection between blogs, Web 2.0, and teaching, to balance some of the commentary between this focus and the emphasis on the blog as a space for you to theorize your responses to work in the field, as a way to articulate ideas in the dissertation, etc. In other words, what additional metadiscourse might there be about how the blog prepares you and others for your role as faculty in both teaching and research. How might what you’re doing be replicated by others? This rocks, as does your review of the Technological Ecologies collection, which I wish you would consider publishing in C&C Online. Kris

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