My Obligatory Apple Tablet Predictions (Revisited, Summarized)

500x_500x_500x_apple-tablet-big_01[1] I have taken my own turn at trying to think through what’s going to be on the Apple Tablet (here) and what the implications might be for writing practices and texts (here). I’m less sure of those predictions now, so as an extension of those ruminations, I want to make a quick list of not only what I predict for the tablet, but also what I WANT for the little device. You’ll probably be able to tell the difference.

1. Apple’s going to market the tablet as a way of revolutionizing the social-networking sphere of your life. Instead of having to be in front of a computer to (really) incorporate video and audio into social networking, this device is going to have a video camera (one for sure, maybe another on the back like the iPhone) to afford video conferencing, video calls, and video blogging. In this sense, the table will finally allow you to participate on your social networks WHILE you’re being social (i.e. out in the world with your friends) as opposed to after the fact (see pics from the kegger and my summer vacation) or before the fact (“you’ve been invited”).

2. Input methods will be:

  • On-screen qwerty keyboard split in half and pushed to each side of the device for thumb-driven input (maybe radial layout, but still split to each side)
  • Handwriting recognition where you actually write with your hand. Hot-key turns the entire screen into a temporary text-input field overlay.
  • Speech recognition (maybe only via the cloud, to begin with).
  • BlueTooth Keyboard availability (i.e. for bloggers who want this to sorta replace their Macbook Pro).

3. Things Apple will highlight that I DON’T care about: eReader technology, integration for magazines, integration for textbooks. These are NOT reasons that would compel me to spend many hundreds of dollars on an additional device.


I’m listening/reading now to some livefeeds from the event itself. I’ll leave these for now. I’ll see you all in the post-Apple-Tablet world.


Bring your internet, baby.