My Workspace this Evening

My office. In the evening.From left to right…

  • Timbuk2 messenger bag.Custom color: orange/black/brown. I spent the extra $20 for the custom coloring for two reasons. I didn’t like the color combos Timbuk2 was offering. Also, it might make it a little more difficult to steal, but probably not.
  • Floppy hat. To shield my shiny dome from the sun and rain.
  • Small wood box for keys, watch, change, wallet, phone, etc. If I didn’t keep all this stuff in one place, there’s no way I’d remember everything.
  • Small, handmade soup bowl for various foods, depending on the day (actual bowl may vary). Tonight it’s the sauce for my shrimp scampi over rice. I can’t stress this enough. Eat with handmade tableware. It’s beautiful. This one’s made by Willem Gebben.
  • Audio monitors (aka bitchin’ speakers). Mackie MR5mk2’s.
  • iPad. I take it with me pretty much whenever I leave the room, except for the trips to the kitchen.
  • Macbook Pro with orange Speck cover.
  • Also, a 1TB LaCie portable hard drive.
  • Below the Macbook Pro, a sheet-feed scanner for pretty much all the soon-to-be-former paper in my life. Fujitsu ScanSnap S1500M.
  • Ball jar of diet coke (sometimes with cheap bourbon).
  • 27″ Apple Cinema display (and yes, I use every damn pixel of that thing).
  • Kinesis Freestyle keyboard. The detached, split design helps keep my wrists from getting too sore.
  • Small 6″ fan blowing on my face.
  • Rode Procaster mic on a Rode PSA-1 boom running to a MOTU 4Pre audio interface for the macbook.
  • In the left window sill, a small, toy iron made out of… yep… iron. (Thanks, Daniel Weinshenker).
  • And a small model train caboose with Burlington Northern markings.
  • And in the right window sill, a 20″ box fan. I’m trying to see how far I can go into the summer without turning on the air conditioning.
  • In the closet (that you can’t see), I have my printer, paper cutter, stapler, scissors, flatbed scanner, and a two-volume set of “The Oxford Companion to the Book” (thanks, Tony O’Keeffe!). Also in the closet, a leash and poo-bags for walking my dog, Rilke.
  • Oh, and the desk is hand-made by yours-truly. All the cords, modems, and extra hard drives are contained within the desktop itself.
  • The chair cost me five bucks. And there’s a foot-rest under the desk.
  • Opposite the desk is a futon-couch, small end table, and small lamp. That’s it.

It ends up looking pretty simple. But the guts of the setup are pretty complicated. I love it.

And maybe this is weird to say, but if I had to replace all this junk, I’d buy exactly the same items.

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