My (Working) Concerns as a Comp Instructor

I’m most concerned with the following teaching challenges:

  1. Access to and flexibility within digital technologies as teaching and learning resources.

  2. Awareness and negotiation of discourse communities and the self.

  3. Strategies for fostering student engagement with course goals.

  4. Commitment to teaching as reflective practice and scholarly pursuit.

Research towards my dissertation

(Committee: Debra Journet (Dir.), Bruce Horner, Joanna Wolfe)

My dissertation examines rhetorical patterns within the warrants for digital technologies as part of Comp pedagogy. Specifically, I am working to reframe much of this scholarship in terms of cultural materialism. Although my data set is yet unclear, the major figures I’m reading include: Raymond Williams, Christina Haas, Bruce Horner, Andrew Feenberg, Cynthia L. Selfe, Gunther Kress, etc.

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