Notice: Kairos 17.3 is out!

kairos17_3Just an FYI. This summer’s issue of Kairos (17.3: Multimodal Research Within/Across/Without Borders) recently dropped, featuring Karen J. Lunsford as the special issue’s editor. To give you a sense for what’s in the text, I wanted to offer a quote from Lunsford’s editor’s note, “Logging On“:

Not only are writing researchers located in dispersed geographic regions, but also, historically, they have been divided by the languages they study and the academic departments or disciplines they inhabit. Now, however, Writing Studies as a discipline appears to be undergoing an “international turn” (Lunsford, 2012) as researchers exchange new methods, concepts, and approaches for analyzing writing practices. […] To this theme, I added the idea of “multimodal” research to serve as the special issue’s common ground.

Although 17.3 isn’t at the heart of my own research and teaching interests, I find that each of the texts manages to offer something that informs my practices or raises an issue that I now realize I need to adopt as part of a more global, inclusive, and responsible professional perspective. Here’s a run-down of the contents:



Making Meaning at the Intersections.”
Michael Neal, Katherine Bridgman, and Stephen J. McElroy

Bridges & Barriers to Development: Communication Modes, Media, & Devices.”
Rebecca Walton


Multimodal Writing Instruction in a Global World.”
Angela Shetler, Susan Thomas, Frances Di Lauro, and Benjamin Miller

Writing a Translingual Script.”
Amy Lueck and Shyam Sharma

Crossing Battle Lines: Teaching Multimodal Literacies through Alternate Reality Games.”
Scott Nelson, Chris Ortiz y Prentice, M. Catherine Coleman, Eric Detweiler, Marjorie Foley, Kendall Gerdes, Cleve Wiese, R. Scott Garbacz, & Matt King