Post DMAC Decompression

Today is my first day back from DMAC. What a great last several weeks. Computers and Writing in Ann Arbor was such a blast, and DMAC in Columbus was the best I’ve been to. And now I’m home. I spent most of the morning getting my computers set up and running again. Updates, file transfers, etc. Sort of a nesting day for me. I love these sorts of days. And tomorrow, the rest of my summer begins before the big job market push this fall.

If it’s not raining, I’m going to start my day off with a bike ride. Not too long. Just something to knock the dust off the old road bike. I’m thinking I’ll try my old standard 13-mile urban trek. Hopefully, it’s a great way to begin the day, and it’ll give me some momentum for the rest of the afternoon and evening.

And then, it’s back to work on the dissertation. I’m self-conscious about it, so I’ll skip the play-by-play updates, but I can say that I’m happy with my progress lately, and I’m really looking forward to having some uninterrupted time this summer to focus on it, now that my travels have subsided until this fall.

I’ve still got a few projects that need to be finished off, but I’m going to put those on the daily “after-diss” tasks. Exercise. Dissertation. Then the rest of the stuff. Unfortunately, that “stuff” is pretty important to me. Finalizing the editorial work for the New Work of Composing. Finishing a WordPress theme design for Zone 3 journal at Austin Peay. Finishing an article I’m working on for Enculturation.

I returned home from Columbus yesterday exhausted and wanting nothing else but to see my dog again. Two weeks is just way too long. He’s great. I’m better now. And I managed to see Super 8 last night. Wow. Excellent movie. It’s doesn’t strive to be great, but J.J. Abrams is really learning how to tell stories. There were bunches of great narrative decisions throughout the movie. I didn’t much like the very end (I rarely do), but this is one of the best movies I’ve seen in a while. I’ve also got 13 Assassins, Tree of Life, X-Men, and Thor on my list. We’ll see.

But I think I’m going to spend the night getting myself in the right state of mind for a fresh start tomorrow. I review/refining of my big “to-do” list, my smaller “Things” list, and then a few Bourbon-Cokes with my roommate.

I love summer. Mine’s just getting started. Hope yours is, too.

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