Resolutions and Goals for My Professional 2010

This past year wasn’t really that bad of a year for me, professionally. I’d like to keep much of that momentum and turn the corner on some other things. Like I mentioned in my reflection prior to this post, 2010 is going to bring some big events, and several smaller ones. Finishing the dissertation. The job market. Design and editorial work on The New Work of Composing. Smaller publications. DMAC. And several conference presentations. Yikes. Clearly, I’m going to need a road map to keep me focused.

But first, a quick semantic question/aside: Are goals different than resolutions? In some ways yes, and some, no. Maybe. It seems to me that both require certain practices. But goals seem to differ from resolutions in that goals seems to have some sort of destination or limited duration. So I guess maybe I’ll try to break them out separately.

Resolutions (continuous)

  • Work everyday on my dissertation. Off the hook, though, when traveling.
  • To blog everyday. Almost everyday on this blog. And some days on my personal blog, MyselfAsAnother.
  • Continue to improve my design skills with Sophie, WordPress, and Adobe Flash.
  • Stop accepting new responsibilities until I’ve taken care of current ones.

Goals (dates) *

  • Submit one text to JAC. (1.05.10)
  • Submit one text to Kairos. (1.15.10)
  • Complete one substantial text as a Sophie book. (5.15.10)
  • Complete one text about the Future of the Book. (5.15.10)
  • Submit one text to a peer-reviewed online journal. (6.15.10)
  • Finish complete draft of my dissertation. (10.15.10)
  • Multiple MLA interviews. (12.15.10)
  • Submit one text to a peer-reviewed print journal. (12.31.10)
  • Complete one text about Walter Benjamin and digital composing practices. (12.31.10)

*Note: These won’t all be separate projects. For instance, I will likely produce one text on Walter Benjamin as a Sophie book, and submit it to Computers and Composition Online. That would take care of three different goals all at once.

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