Atemporality: a Viable Historical Orientation?

(This entry is a response I posted to Alex Reid’s post, “Atemporality in the Digital Humanities” on his blog Digital Digs. He’s responding to Bruce Sterling’s talk, “Atemporality and the Creative Artist” as well as Alex Halavais’s post on “worn technologies.” I re-post it here because it helps me think through some of the ways that book-futurists historicize the currently fluid and volatile changes in book-technologies. Mostly, I’ve been coming…

March 1, 2010

Digital Literacy, Competence, and the Necessity of Inexperience: A Forward/Reflection on Alex Reid

Just finished reading Alex Reid’s blog, where he’s posted a response to a passage in the Horizon Report, produced by The New Media Consortium and EDUCAUSE. I’m particularly interested in reflecting on Reid’s engagement with the Horizon Report’s use of the term literacy. I sense that Reid is somewhat resistant to the grafting a one term, literacy, with its history as a socially valorized term in particular contexts, onto a…

January 22, 2010

Response to Alex Reid’s “On Enjoyment and Writing”

Reading Alex Reid’s blog (Digital Digs) this morning, this passage really got me thinking: “…I want to get back to this question of “enjoyment” and being a “good writer.” The two seem related in the study, and that’s understandable. In most areas of life, it is easier to enjoy doing some activity once one has some skill at it. But here’s the thing reading this made me think: do I…

December 3, 2009