Audio Interview as Writing Assignment
April 19, 2014

I recently gave a talk on presentation on incorporating an audio interview as a writing assignment into my first-year writing classroom. I’ve decided to make a bunch of the resources available to anyone who might not have attended, but are still interested. Below, I’m including a video of the talk, audio of the talk, the slideshow itself, a description of the assignment, and a few embedded student examples. Please feel…


The Zeugma Podcast. You Should Be Listening.

If you haven’t been following the Zeugma podcast out of the University of Texas at Austin’s Digital Writing and Research Lab (the DWRL), then you should. Right now. Go. I’ll wait. … Okay. It’s producers–Axel Bohmann, Eric Detweiler, Hala Herbly, Lisa Gulesserian, and Michael Roberts–have put together a useful, polished, cohesive, and relevant podcasting series. I can’t say how impressed I am. And I also hope you all know how much work it takes…

May 2, 2013