Apogee MiC: A Review

MiC from Apogee: A Review from Trauman on Vimeo. STRENGHTS: Extremely Portable. Sounds fantastic. Great build quality. Cardioid pickup pattern. Device-powered. WEAKNESSES: No headphone monitoring. Records one-person at a time. Price (though a good value). RECOMMENDATION: For portability, durability, and sound quality, it’s a great option. You’ve probably heard that the best camera is the one you have with you. Your smart phone, even though it’s not the greatest, still…

May 28, 2010

Flash Will Eat My Scholarship: Plans for Disappearing Technologies?

When I first started trying to produce digital texts, I didn’t really have scholarship in mind. I produced mostly digital stories and websites. I considered them ephemeral, and I just assumed that I would to keep updating them as technologies emerged. I also assumed that at some point, they’d fade away into irrelevance. I was fine with that. For two reasons. First, for at least the last several years, I’ve…

February 9, 2010

Sophie, Is That You?

So begins another day in my month-long wait for Sophie. Initially, a free, open-source software project from the Institute for the Future of the Book, the project is now being developed by The Andrew Mellon Foundation, the University of Southern California, the Macarthur Foundation, and Astea Solutions. The second version of the software is supposed to be available tomorrow. But it was also supposed to be available on Oct. 15….

November 14, 2009

Aperture-Priority. Twisted Steel. And a Bowling Ball

In the spirit of my recently declared pursuit of craft-honing, I walked down my block to an abandoned lot where an art collective’s warehouse burned downed a couple of years ago. I brought my still and video cameras. Such a beautiful day, I wanted to try my first outdoor video self-portrait (part of my “Myself As Another” project here). But the real reason I was there was to learn at…

November 9, 2009

Digital. Media. Writer. A Matter of Craft.

I want to become a great digital media writer. There’s something that just seems a bit “off” with that phrase. Digital. Media. Writer. I don’t know. I want to produce texts that have pictures and videos and sound and alphabetic text, and formatting, and layout, etc. And lately, I’ve come to the conclusion that in order to be great at this, I need to do treat this practice like a…

November 8, 2009