Talking Digital Storytelling with Ames, Harley, and Courtney (on KairosCast)

May 24, 2015

First, thanks to these folks: Harley Ferris. Courtney Danforth. Ames Hawkins. I recently had the honor of helping out my friends Harley Ferris and Courtney Danforth with a recent KairosCast episode (No. 5) about digital storytelling. What a blast. Ames and I are always looking for feedback or ideas about our class, so if you have any thoughts, suggestions, or resources to share, we would love to hear about them….


Digital Publication Won’t Necessarily Improve Scholarly Timeliness, Unless…

Here’s another response to Joe Harris’s blog. To this post. I have no opposition to Harris’s position. Instead, I offer another way of considering the origins of the extraordinarily long delays in the scholarly publications process, as well as pointing to a possible avenue of addressing them. … I’m curious about your associating publication lag time with paper-publishing. I agree that the physicality of printing certainly contributes to the delays…

October 7, 2010