One of My Favorite Assignments: “Remixing 1984”
February 15, 2015

(Note: I recently completed a set of materials for an award nomination packet. This post is part of those materials.) Prompt Question: “What is your favorite lesson plan or assignment, and why? Please describe the assignment in answering this question.” It’s difficult to say that I have a favorite assignment. It would be more apt to say that each of my assignments operates differently from one semester to another, depending…


Great example of remix as scholarship

I’m not actually sure how I feel about this. On some level it seems like the whole movie is just a long set of references and homages. Not plagiarism, but not as original as I thought Tarantino to be. I still love most of his movies, but just found this a little surprising. And I love the way this scholar uses video without any commentary to make such a clear…

May 19, 2011