The Zeugma Podcast. You Should Be Listening.

If you haven’t been following the Zeugma podcast out of the University of Texas at Austin’s Digital Writing and Research Lab (the DWRL), then you should. Right now. Go. I’ll wait. … Okay. It’s producers–Axel Bohmann, Eric Detweiler, Hala Herbly, Lisa Gulesserian, and Michael Roberts–have put together a useful, polished, cohesive, and relevant podcasting series. I can’t say how impressed I am. And I also hope you all know how much work it takes to effectively edit quality audio. They do a wonderful job.

To Zeugma’s latest episode, “Multimediating,” Harley Ferris and I contribute a short conversation (10 mins) about audio assignments in the writing classroom. (I’m sort of starting to feel like this is all I talk about lately.) Some theory. Some practical info. Harley argues for a focus on Rhetorical awareness, and I argue for accommodating (even encouraging) a bit of un-polish to students’ texts. Here’s the episode in it’s entirety:

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