Throat-Clearing Before Cs 2011

First night here at the Cs conference in Atlanta. Seven hour drive. Shacked up at the Motel 6. Spooky here. I think this Hotel is almost completely empty. We parked in the garage, lower level, and there was only one other car in sight. Isn’t that odd for a Downtown Motel 6? Anyway, we’re in a city that’s foreign to me, and the sound of our shutting car doors echoed a little too much for comfort. It’s not that I didn’t feel safe. Mostly just ghostly.

I’m really trying to embrace my iPad. Wait. No. I already love it. But I’m trying to cultivate a certain relationship to some of the technologies I’ve adopted. When I first got an iPhone, for instance, I knew that I wanted a phone, and maybe something with which I could take a few pics and some video here and there. And I was curious. But then once I got it, the possibilities for it’s uses proliferated way past what I expected. I took a lot more pictures than I thought I would. I recorded little videos for all sorts of stuff. I really started to enjoy it. Eventually, I realized that I wasn’t going to be able to fully explore all of it’s possible functions. I mean, they just kept proliferating. So my iPhone use pretty much plateaued. For a while. Then, when I snagged my iPad last summer, it was pretty much the same thing. I knew there were a couple of things I wanted to use it for, and the iPad delivered. But again, the possible uses just proliferated. And now that the iPad 2 is out, with its cameras (albeit meager) and processor (and that admittedly sexy screen protector!), I’m really intrigued with the idea of capturing and editing stills and video with it. I really wanna mess with one to see how it goes. I’ve held one at the Apple store in Louisville, and it’s actually a really nice feel. But I should really exercise a little patience. If the iPad 3 is gonna appear in the Fall, I should definitely wait. But if it’s not going to be until next spring, I really think I should snag one sooner. The decision depends on how my acquisition of summer work goes, I suppose. And it also depends on what I’ve got for teaching in the fall, my roommate situation, etc. But it’s really hard for me to not go down there and grab one. (I suppose it helps that they’re out of stock.)

Hmmmm. Looking back at what I just wrote, that feels a lot like some pretty meaningless (and previously stated) throat-clearing material.

The roommate is going to bed, so I gotta post this soon. But here’s what I’m thinking about for the conference:

I wanna more fully explore what functionalities I have yet to discover or adequately cultivate in terms of my iPhone 4 and iPad 1. And I want to minimize the use of my laptop while I’m here. I’m not yet ready to leave it at home. Especially because I need to use Flash for my presentation on Saturday. But since I’m pretty much abandoning Flash for some of the newer HTML5 tools, I won’t necessarily need it in the future.

The plan: take lots of pics. The camera on the iPhone is pretty great. And I LOVE the editing and sharing aspects of the iPhone, too. Maybe make some impromptu interviews. One or two questions at a time or something. Maybe post them to the blog. I don’t know. Sort of feel like tiny little news interviews or something. Well, anyway, that’s something I may or may not have time for. We’ll just have to see.

And I want to start exploring the word processing possibilities of the iPad, too. I’ve avoided it so far because I really just can’t get used to the on-screen keyboard. I brought my blue tooth keyboard with me on the trip, and I’m going to work through at least a couple different software interfaces while I’m here. Tonight I’m using ELEMENTS for the iPad. It’s nice. I’ll probably mention something about it soon. Maybe a comparison with another of the possible tools. Like Pages. Yeah, maybe Pages.

Okay, the roommate is falling asleep. I gotta turn out this light soon. Better send. Now we’ll see how the copy-and-paste functions work. Here’s wishing myself luck!

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