Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-05-31

  • Review:Daybreakers ( 7/10 Liked: Modern.Stylish.Moody; Meh:Simple.SlowStart.GoryEnding; Loved:Brilliant "cure." #
  • Follow #dmac2010 tweets. (DigitalMediaAndComposition Next few weeks: resources on Dig.Schol.Pub #cw2010 #
  • Any #dmac2010 attendees lurking out there? (my last cross-post to #cw2010 #
  • Getting soooooo close to snagging an iPad. Ugh. Yay. Ugh. Yay. #
  • @kmdeluca Me, too. Posted and angry entry about how evil Apple is, too. Embarrassing. Now starting to think of iPad as a limited-use tool. in reply to kmdeluca #
  • just applied to THATCamp Pacific-Northwest ( You should, too! #
  • Installed Twitter Tools on my blog today. WordPress/Twitter Plug-in. #
  • Steve Krause comments on cw2010, CCCOnline. #
  • @derekmueller Advice: if ur on campus, hit the library for an hour. Borrow a cord. That should get you at least a few hours more of life? in reply to derekmueller #
  • Me, too! RT @betajames: Me too. RT @llcadle: I just ordered my copy of @cgbrooke's Lingua Fracta. Wish I'd though of buying it at #cw2010 #
  • @jbono @caseyboyle I'll be getting in quite late on Thursday eve, too. Someone going to call to confirm hotel res? Can't wait for #rsa2010 #
  • @mikhailg @warnick PTO: Parent Teacher Organization? #
  • Must Read: RT New @ProfHacker: Guest author @jenterysayers on "Integrating Dig. Audio Comp. into Humanities Courses": #
  • just snagged an iPad. Will blog soon about what it tastes like to eat crow. 😉 #
  • Holy crap. The more I like my new iPad, the worse I feel. I feel TERRIBLE! #
  • @vkuhn I agree that it's far from a good classroom choice. It's a toy for me. For now. Maybe more soon. But, not yet. in reply to vkuhn #
  • Anyone recommend a PDF editor for the iPad? #
  • lol. nail.on.head. RT @stevendkrause: @bmcnely @trauman so basically, you guys saw my iPad and went and got one? That's a mentor for ya… #
  • @caseyboyle definitely you first. I'll be there around 10pm, I think? in reply to caseyboyle #
  • @karlstolley re: @s2ceball, "Multimodal," while not a very "clean" def, has facilitated/fueled a necessary convo re: digital comp, right? in reply to karlstolley #
  • #cw2010 – goes toward the effects of a conf?: lots of people go home and buy new equipment (re: iPad) and start to experiment. #
  • Clip from H.Jenkins interview with Lankshear and Knoebel re: DIY Media Practices #
  • ++Post re: Evernote on Profhacker #
  • @rachaelsullivan re: @jenterysayers and transportation: Um, hello? Don't forget the Jet Pack and Teleportation Machine! in reply to rachaelsullivan #
  • Sitting down to listen to the crowly talk. #rsa2010 #
  • Crowley argues that many American cities are still segregated. Agree. #rsa2010 #
  • "white supremacy" (as opposed to "racism") establishes a responsibilty #rsa2010 #crowley #
  • New issue of Kairos is out! "Rhetoric, Technology, and the Military." Check in out! #
  • Check out my remixed video interview with Hugh Burns in the new Kairos: #
  • #rsa2010 K06 Teston has large bulk of data. Sermons, slides, videos. Nice. #
  • #rsa2010 k06 a brief history of the monstrance. Embodied rhtorics and Eucharistic benediction. #
  • #rsa2010 k06 D.Charney: Hebrew psalms as deliberative argument. #

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