Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-07-12

  • Apps @ Lee's Korean. Amazing. Sake! #
  • North Dakota AND movie theaters! I'm in heaven. (via NYT) #
  • the always intelligent, insightful Alex Reid: RT @digitaldigs: the ethics of desiring objects #
  • @rachaelsullivan hadn't seen that Meloni book. Always hear great things about her. WIll have to check it out. Thanks! in reply to rachaelsullivan #
  • @warnick @rachelsullivan Thx for the note Quinn. You got a preview of this class up anywhere? Care to share? Rachel, too? in reply to warnick #
  • Thinking about adding a logo to my Digital Bibliography blog. Pretentious. Presumptuous? Necessary? Next step in branding for academics? #
  • oh yeah, "livin' la vitae logo!" (That's gotta be a blog post title. Don't steal it, twerps.) #
  • @jcmeloni Wow. That's sooo generous. Sending an email right now. Thanks! in reply to jcmeloni #
  • Thinking about Branded Scholars… in terms of "The Evolution of The Logo" (via Smashing Magazine) #
  • Two flats on my morning bike ride. And a cab ride home. Damn it. NOT cool. Will make up for it with sheer afternoon productiveness! (maybe) #
  • Found in my basement. Looks like it's time for the annual roach/termite exterminator visit. Rats. #
  • @christateston I think he's going to announce his retirement. Wait. No. He's going to retire this damn media blitz. Enough already, no? in reply to christateston #
  • Anybody submitting to the YouTube/Guggenheim "Play" bienial? I'm not, but curious. Drooling forward to it. #
  • Nice, personal reflection on where one person's book future is headed (via Booksquare) #
  • starting to plan a fall FYC course. Student blogs. Looking for readings on writing in digital environments. Any example syllabi? Readings? #

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