Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-07-26

  • i was a high-school physics dork. but not since. until now. wow. wow. you… must… watch… (#cgi) #
  • looking for Fantasy Football League participants. Anyone out there interested? Low-key. Low investment. Free. (ok to retweet) #
  • Omeka…treating a single scholar's work as a digital collection. #
  • "key questions a unified field theory has to answer: * What are the characteristics of a successful…" #
  • "Objectified is a feature-length documentary about our complex relationship with manufactured objects…" #
  • @jenlmichaels re@posterous tweet… posterous is great; i just started messing with @tumblr. Beautfl interface. More robust. You tried it? in reply to jenlmichaels #
  • @bonniekyburz LOVED Objectified. Saw Helvetica Couldn't finish it. Much ado about… a font?I respected it; but couldn't invest. Just taste. #
  • @jenlmichaels Excellent point re@tumblr comments. Wasn't thinking re teaching. Thx. WP (with BuddyPress?) for this fall's 101. in reply to jenlmichaels #
  • @jenlmichaels @betajames OK, you're scaring me. Just gettting my tumblfeet wet. Certainly nothing wrong with @posterous. Will see. Thx! #
  • anyone love @seesmic vs @tweetdeck? (iPhone relevant decision). or alternative? #
  • Heat index here in Louisville: 111 degrees. Sigh. Sizzle. #
  • @jenterysayers got a link to your Scalar software/tech? I'm curious. Google search wasn't clear. Thx. in reply to jenterysayers #
  • @mkirschenbaum Yep. I agree. WIthout any other discussion necessary, it was simply beautiful and exciting and tragic. I better stop. in reply to mkirschenbaum #
  • @jenterysayers Yes. Definitely keep me updated. The invite to stay with you for THATCamp still open? in reply to jenterysayers #

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