Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-12-13

  • Wow. Video from inside of Metrodome as roof collapses! #
  • even God doesn't want Brett Favre to start: Minneapolis Metrodome Collapses #
  • Wanna understand the basics of the roots of the eReader phenomenon? Great link: #beyondthebook #
  • "WWF Document Format Doesn't Give You a Choice but to Save Paper" via #lifehacker #
  • @spikenlilli Would love to see the video! #
  • wishing I were listening to @mkirschenbaum with other cool C&W'ers and DH'ers- .textual condition. !!! #
  • Okay, no Google bookshelf for me. I can't find any of the books I wanna post! #goodreads it is! #
  • On page 163 of 832 of The Printing Press as an …, by Elizabeth L. Eisenstein: Add a quote, comment or note #
  • I'm #reading The Printing Press as an Agent of Change by Elizabeth L. Eisenstein #
  • Deciding to re-invest in my Zotero account. Possibly building a Google ebook shelf, too. #
  • Amazon's response to Google's ebook store launch. #
  • this ipad book from #princetonup looks stunning. Wish I could afford it. #
  • realizing, once again, exactly why I love my Macbook Pro so much. Solid. Reliable. Comfortable. #
  • @beyondthebook prognosticating on the future of ebook sales. Smart. Surprising. #
  • Another article on Biblio Reader. Not a bad direction: #ebooks #ereaders #
  • You must avoid Windows operating systems: RT @betajames: Doing what I can to not turn into the Hulk today. Already a struggle. #
  • @warnick maybe this'll be your shot to encourage them to use Jing to screen capture their would've-been presentations? #
  • Bought my first Google Editions book today: Agent of Change (re: Gutenberg's Printing Press). Thick, overt, hipster-irony. Love the app! #
  • A ten-day bicycle race across the US. Insanity. #
  • I love crayons! #
  • Excited to try out Google Books today. iOS apps are unavailable. No Kindle access, either. Seriously let down. Ugh. #
  • This is one of the things I absolutely WON'T miss about Kentucky when I leave: $150 million Noak's Ark Museum. #

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