Want (to know more, anyway): Tascam iM2

I’ve seen these sort of mics before, so I’m still a little skeptical, but Tascam is easily the most respected audio manufacturer to offer one of these yet. Unfortunately, the iM2’s predecessors have underwhelmed. To the point where they can be out done by a $30 Sony cheapy. I also have to say that if you’re going to spend $80, it’s likely that you should just go ahead an get a Zoom H1n. (They go for about $80 on ebay.) The sound quality is great. They’re small enough to not really take up any extra room in a backpack or A/V case, and a single AA battery seems to last forever. Wait… this post is supposed to be about the Tascam. Right. It the sound quality is good enough, and the price stays where it is, this could be a great little device. The only other hesitation I have for this little guy is the lack of a spot for a tripod. I know that wouldn’t really work–not without a dedicated case–but it’s probably a deal breaker for me. With this design, it seems like you’re going to have to deal with hand noise or table noise, unless you come up with some make shift shock mount like a stack of napkins, or a stocking cap. But then you’re not exactly getting the sexy case you see on Tascam’s product page.

Oh, yeah. Just thought of something. This would really be handy for taking advantage of the pretty-good video camera that the iPhone is sporting lately. But then again, there’s the idea that the Zoom could be used with any device. Not as convenient, but possibly more practical.

Just curious if anybody out there is planning on getting one. What’s the sound quality like? I’d love to know.

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