Weekly Digiddenda: 12 February 2010

Here’s a quick list of items that might be of interest to digital bibliophiles:

Beyond the Book podcast on the restructured Google Books settlement. It pays, I guess, to occasionally peruse the iTunes podcast directory. I ran across the Copyright Clearance Center’s Beyond the Book podcast series. It’s really great. From the looks of the podcasts (which I’m now working my way through), they’re always interviewing somebody right in the middle of whatever issue they’re covering. The series looks to cover mostly copyright concerns, but they’ve also got great discussions about the impacts of technology on the publishing industry.

After-the-Deadline spell-checker add-on for Firefox. I’ve been using this little add on for more than a week now, and I’ve gotta tell you, it’s saved my bacon at least a couple of times already. Listserv posts. Emails. Blog posts. Anything you submit via plain text gets checked. It’s awesome.

A Companion to the Digital Humanities (free web-based, digital copy). I bought the paper version of this book via Amazon a couple of weeks ago, and then stumbled onto this free-version only when I looked the book up for inclusion in my Zotero database. At first I was a little annoyed. Then I was happy to have forked over the dough for this open-access-like copy practice. Yay, Blackwell!

50 Free UI and Web Design Wireframing Kits, Resources, and Source Files. I ran across this one following Vincent Rhodes on Twitter. He’s a great guy. And this is a great link. Twitter is not useless. Twitter is not useless. Twitter is not useless. This page is a great resource if you’d like some ideas for a new design you’re trying to think through, or if you’re trying to increase your design-business efficiency. Lots of things here I didn’t even know existed as part of a design work flow.

Book: Digital Storytelling: Capturing Lives, Creating Communities. The Center for Digital Storytelling just released the third edition of this absolutely amazing book written by Joe Lambert, The Center’s Executive Director. I just received the book, so I’ve only glanced through it. It looks great. Or a copy. Now. Seriously. Or wait until after I review it. Here on this blog. On Amazon. On Goodreads. Until then, at least visit the Center for Digital Storytelling site. Watch the stories. They WILL change your life.

“The iPad and Higher Education.” If you’ve been reading this blog for the last few weeks, you know that I think the iPad has the potential to significantly impact higher education, especially digital writing practices (for better AND worse). This is an interesting and impassioned take written by David Parry, Assistant Professor of Emerging Media and Communications at the U of Texas, Dallas). Link via profhacker.com.

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