WordPress iPhone App, Bluetooth Keyboard: The Good, The Bad, the Frozen

So I just finished writing a nice long post entirely on my iPhone. Using the WordPress app and my bluetooth keyboard. It was pretty great. I was all jazzed up. Very comfortable and the keyboard was really responsive to the phone. The arrow keys work and the copy/cut/past functions work as keyboard shortcuts, too. There’s really a lot to be said for the ways that the wireless keyboard might be able to make the iPhone and iPad useful to me in ways that iHandn’t expected.

I think I’ll be able to blog from more places now. I’d like to work with shorter posts, thinking through simpler, more focused ideas. Bursts, I guess. Instead of the long, rambling explorations that were my last couple of posts. I’m thinking Green Eggs and Ham. I can blog… on a bus… in the car… no matter how far… on a bike riding break… one a beach by the lake… from a stool at the bar. Yep. More places now. Now wifi necessary. But am I going to want to bring this keyboard with me all the time? Probably not. Most likely I snag a case for it somewhere, or sew one up real quick. And just take it with me when I think I might be somewhere for a while. I like the idea of blogging on a road trip or at the airport. Both downtimes I wish I could use a little more effectively. Times when I’m actually able to engage in some extended periods of thought without the distractions of my home office or the library. The same could be said for getting out on the road for a bike ride. Maybe a padded case for the keyboard. The read trouble, I think, Is going to be figuring out how to work without a stiff, flat surface convenient. There really should be some way to attach the phone to the keyboard. Maybe a binder clip or something. Maybe a combo of three One for the keyboard. One for the phone. And one clip to hold the other two clips together. Or maybe some bent steel thing and some velcro. I’ve got a tripod mount for the phone. Maybe I can work with that somehow. Pretty motivated there.

Alright. Back to my point. I just finished a long post on the phone using my keyboard and WordPress app, but when I attempted to insert a photo, the app locked up. I mean completely froze. I had to restart my phone. That is really not cool. What a waste. So now I’m going to try it again. But this time, I’m going to save a draft of the post. Here goes…

Sweet the draft saved. Now I’m going to try to insert a photo from my camera roll…


Unfortunately, all I can see is the code, and it doesn’t appear as though I’m able to do much with the text wrapping around the image or to mess with the padding. Looks like I’ll have to take care of that stuff by hand coding the embed code. Not the greatest. But we’ll see.

Did I mention how much I like typing these posts on my iPad with this bluetooth keyboard?

I’ve got more to chat about, but I’m trying to keep the posts short and focused on a single idea. At least when I can.

So, that’s it for now.

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