“Words, Magic” – Video Literacy Narrative in the DALN

Here’s a copy of a literacy narrative that I recorded at The Literacy Conference at The Ohio State University this past April in Columbus. (The person I’m chatting with in the video, though you can’t see her, is Cynthia Selfe.)

The video is part of a much, much larger project that Cynthia Selfe, Richard Selfe, and Lewis Ulman are working on to collect vast numbers of literacy narratives from across the United States, and probably, eventually, around the world. I’m not sure, but I think the project is funded by the Ohio State University College of Humanities and other entities.

It’s a great project. Please visit the DALN site for more information.

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  1. Ryan- this read like an NPR story1 You are the magic. You will be an amazing Professor one day, if you are not one already! I remember, too, as a child in Milan, repeating and playing with the sounds of a word, until all there was left was sound…and no word. I have something pretty epic to write you (nothing tragic thank God!) and will do so soon…a presto.

  2. I’ve looking forward to hearing from you. So sorry to hear about your trip back to Breckenridge. I hope everything turned out for the best.

    Write when you can.


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